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Nicolas Farrugia obtained his PhD in 2008, on hardware implementation of convolutional neural networks. In 2010, Nicolas Farrugia moved to the field of neurosciences with a focus on music.  He uses a wide range of cognitive neuroscience methods such as EEG, functional MRI, as well as behavioral psychology methods and motion capture. In 2015, he joins Telecom Bretagne to engage into a transdisciplinary effort, combining methods from Neuroscience, Deep Learning and hardware implementations.

NEWS !!!  Since July 2016, I am an assistant professor at IMT Atlantique, in the Electronics Department. I am the coleader of the Br.A.In project (Brain inspired Artificial Intelligence), that you can also follow on Facebook.

NEWS - June 2017 - My last two talks are available on SlideShare (in French). 

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