The goal of the InnerSync (Inner Synchronization) project is to study the link between movement, action and synchronization, in order to develop new sonification techniques to use in music pedagogy and in movement rehabilitation. In a first experiment, we will study motor planning in a metronome synchronization experiment. A first data collection session will be done with professionnal percussionists in order to define expert trajectories. In a second experiment, we will present stimuli including auditory cues to non-expert percussionists, in order to study the influence of additional auditory cues on performance. The next step in the project will be to develop sonification techniques using the results of the previous experiments, studying to what extent a rich auditory feedback (sonified movement) can enhance or decrease performance. The long term objective of this study is to examine the link between motor planning and auditory feedback, in order to explore new strategies for motor rehabilitation.

This project is performed in collaboration with Pr. Simone Dalla Bella, EUROMOV - M2H, Montpellier, France. 

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