Music therapy in Parkinson's Disease

PhD Project of Charles-Etienne Benoit. 

In this project I'm focusing on the EEG-related aspects, in particular the analysis of early ERPs and oscillations. 


Objective: Clinical work on the positive effects of auditory cueing on gait, sensorimotor skills and the underlying changes in brain plasticity in PD following a cueing rehabilitation programme. .

Hypothesis: Stimulation of auditory-motor coupling via auditory cueing positively affect gait kinematics, foster brain plasticity and general sensorimotor processing.

Methods: A group of idiopathic PD patients are being submitted to the following tasks before and after 1 month of therapy:

1. Auditory perception and tapping tasks to assess time perception and SMS abilities (BAASTA)

2. EEG to measure resting-state activity and deviance detection as a function of temporal predictability in an oddball task. 

3. Source localization analyses to uncover changes in functional connectivity and brain plasticity. 

4. Motion capture experiments to assess gait kinematics.

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